What is a consignment store?

Consignment is a service to sell your items for you. There are several types of consignment stores selling clothing, furniture, fine art, tools, jewelry and sporting goods. Generally the final selling prices of the consignor's items are divided on a percentage basis between the consignor and the consignment shop.

Why consign when I can sell the item(s) myself?

Consignment is easy and safe. A professional staff and stylish showroom will get the best price for your items. Also, you'll not have to spend money on classified ads nor stay at home waiting on calls or shoppers. Obviously one of the most important things is not having strangers come to your home to view the items.

What will Consignment Gallery sell for me?

We keep a variety of furniture and home decor that are in good to excellent condition in our showrooms. Items need to be from a smoke free and pet free environment.

Will you buy my furniture/accessories?

No. We provide a service to sell your items and share in the sale proceeds with a 50/50 split of the final selling price. Our consignment store provides a professional and knowledgeable staff to get the best price possible for your items.

What type/style of furniture do you accept?

All styles of furniture and accessories are accepted if they are in good to excellent condition. Furniture must be clean, free from tobacco, pet or food odors and ready to display. Accessories include, but are not limited to, pictures, wall
hangings, lamps and mirrors. We usually do not accept appliances, electronic devices, draperies, used mattresses or bedding.

Do you sell new furniture?

Yes. Only a few items by a local a local craftsman. We also carry a line of new mattresses by Sleeptronic based in Fort Worth, Texas. We are now offering new pickleball equipment by Diadem.

How long do you keep my consigned items?

Furniture is consigned for a period of 90 days. Beginning on the 61st day of the consignment period we will begin to mark down the price of unsold items at the rate of 10 % each week for the remainder of the period. Markdowns will not exceed 40% of the initial sales price. As an option, you may wish to have us donate your unsold property to a local charity.

How do I get paid for my consigned furniture and accessories when they sell?

Payments are mailed to consignors on the 10th day of each month for sales completed during the previous calendar month. Consignors receive 50% of the final selling price of their merchandise. A 60 day cashing period is on the payouts.

What if my furniture is in excellent condition, but needs to be cleaned?

Furniture, like automobiles, sells faster and for a better price if it is clean and attractive to buyers. We recommend that consignors put their merchandise in the best condition possible prior to consignment. We can clean some things with a fee attached.

Do I bring my furniture to your store or will you pick it up?

Either way. However, we must first inspect your merchandise and determine that we believe it will sell. Upon approval for sale you may bring it to the Consignment Gallery duing business hours or you may call us to make arrangements with our movers to pick up furniture for those who cannot transport it themselves.  There will be fees involved for this service to the showroom.

What if my furniture is old, but in excellent condition, can you sell it?

Of course. However, generally older furniture will not sell for as high a price as furniture that is more up-to-date. In some cases there is a demand for older styles in excellent condition. True antiques should be sold through businesses that specialize in valuing and selling antiques.

Why have we added Pickleball items?

 Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. It can be played by young and old alike. We are carrying only Diadem as I have confidence in the Diadem people that are working with us to bring you a great product for a lower price.